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Hard Water Newsletter, March 2017 Edition
WELCOME! This is the ninth edition of our monthly newsletter. It's the best way to keep up on changes to our extensive American whiskey selection as well as a general source of information about whiskey and whiskey culture.

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NOTE: There will be no feature article this month as we catch our breath in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Kentucky to pick some new barrels for the bar. We'll be posting during the trip via our Instagram and Twitter feeds.

We're also in the middle of a new bit of whiskey history research. The term "straight" might not have been formally defined until after Prohibition, despite being the cornerstone of labeling law disputes between distillers and rectifiers. Stay tuned!

New Arrivals on the Wall

Lost Spirits ‘Abomination’ Single Malts 54%, $10
Last month we added a library offering from Lost Spirits (Ouroboros) and this month we've brought on Bryan Davis' most recent creation, Abomination. Bryan started with new make whiskey sourced directly from Islay and then "subjected it" to his proprietary aging process (oak esterification). The result is quite convincing and has already become a favorite among our smokehead patrons. Bryan released two variants of this whiskey, each named for a different chapter in H.G. Wells' novel The Island of Doctor Moreau. The one with the red label is called The Crying of the Puma and is has a little less oak influence than its sibling with the black label called The Sayer of the Law. Both were "aged" using American oak that was soaked in Riesling.

Old Bardstown Straight (KBD) 45%, $9/2 oz
KBD (Kentucky Bourbon Distllers) are most famous for their Willett Family Estate single barrel bottlings. They also own a large number of other labels you may recognize including Noah's Mill, Johnny Drum, and Pure Kentucky XO. Up until very recently all of KBD's whiskey was sourced, purchased as new make and then aged in their warehouses. About 5 years ago KBD restarted their distilling operations and are now re-introducing some of their labels using "estate" whiskey. Old Bardstown is the first of these. While this is only an everyday sipper, it's also a sign of things to come from those magic warehouses.

Et Al...

Our usual reminder that we don't announce ALL our new arrivals. We like to leave a few things as surprises for patrons scanning the wall on their own. There's a couple of very special and very limited bottles up there right now as I write this. In fact, looks like some people have already discovered 'em.

Our complete March whiskey list can be found here.

Ask Hard Water

We're always standing by to answer your American whiskey questions. This past month we had some questions about bottled-in-bond whiskey that stumped a number of "experts" so we're feeling pretty saucy about ourselves. Maybe your question will stump us!
We look forward to hearing from you! Write soon! Ask Us Here.
Mana from the Top Shelf: Dant Bottled-in-Bond
Mana from the Top Shelf